Would you like to furnish a nice home, but your wallet is not overflowing with money? Does not matter. Stylish and comfortable living can be arranged even with a smaller amount. You need to know ways to save.

Are you looking forward to renovating or furnishing a new apartment or house? In any case, no two homes are the same. Several variables influence its appearance: financial possibilities, individual needs and specifics of lifestyle or personal taste. That is why we have prepared an overview of several ways to save money when creating an interior. Some may appeal to you; others may not suit you. In short, choose the ones that do your nature and lifestyle.

Re-use old furniture

They can be something other than the more valuable vintage pieces we recently presented. It can easily be furniture from the last thirty years, even of poor design. Just choose products with higher quality designs that can be expected to last a while. Bring it to life with a new colour (laminate or plastic can also be painted), give it a wooden board, and stick it with interesting wallpaper – in short, play with it. For a few quid, you get an original that no one else has.

upcycling furniture

Our tips:

Artificial materials

Contemporary living trends are increasingly moving towards using natural materials, but we will not lie to ourselves that this is a cheap matter. Consider where natural material is important to you (e.g. children’s room, bedroom) and where you can discount (wardrobes, kitchen units, doors). Modern foiled or laminated boards are significantly cheaper than plywood or solid wood. Their advantage is not only lower price but also weight. In addition, high-density laminates are very durable, so it is okay even with their service life. It is just important to pay attention, especially for bathroom furniture, to the quality of the glue and the method of folding.

As for the floor, it pays not to save on it. After all, it is something whose repair is not the cheapest, and it also represents a significant complication for the running of the household. If you choose laminate, pay attention to the quality. Vinyl is problematic due to its relatively short service life and health safety. Cheap “no name” vinyl rarely meets strict European standards. And a quality one from American or European manufacturers is already comparable in price to a good laminate or wooden floor.

Upcycling – furniture from pallets

pallets bed

The hit of recent years is slowly losing its place in the sun. But that certainly doesn’t mean that it’s not imaginative and cheap furniture that will serve you and possibly help you pass the time before you save up for the pieces you want. Pallets can make a spacious bed, practical shelves, a mobile coffee table or a hanging wall. Sofas that you can use both indoors and outdoors are also popular. You can already find a fairly solid selection of sofas with dimensions directly for Euro pallets on the Internet.

Upcycling – storage spaces from crates

storage crates

Crates are just as practical as pallets. A sufficiently strong box fulfils the function of the bedside table, side table and stool. Add wheels to them, and you have a mobile children’s library or toy box. Built against the wall, they can serve as a TV stand, built up and attached to the walls as an improvised bookcase. Place four crates upside down, place a glass top on them, and a “cool” coffee table is born. In short, it’s all about your creativity!

Upcycling – lamps of own production

You might not think so, but you can also win with lighting. You can have stylish central and decorative lighting from mason jars (just put a candle or a light chain in them). There are also chandeliers and lamps made of colander, lampshades made of laminated paper, woven from wicker or pig and many others. Explore Pinterest or YouTube, and you’ll see the ideas flow. There is quite a large selection of textile cables on the market today, with which you can bring your home design to perfection.


Are you longing for stone or brick cladding? You definitely won’t save on it unless you decide on an imitation in the form of a photo wallpaper. Today’s digital printing technologies allow for high resolution and a true likeness of the pre-image. A brick wall will make the room cosier, while the stone cladding is luxurious. In the same way, you will be included if you decide on artificial fur, polyester or even polyamide carpet, or artificial rattan.

Open storage spaces

You probably know that open shelves and racks are cheaper than cabinets with doors or modern drawers. These elements are made more expensive by fittings, which are relatively inexpensive if you want quality. It is offered to combine these options for the sake of savings. Complement the lower kitchen cabinets with open shelves above the line. Instead of built-in wardrobes, you can have available shelves and rods in the bedroom or a separate dressing room; likewise, in the hallway, you can hide them behind curtains or textile panels (Japanese walls) for order.

Freestanding appliances

It’s the same with appliances. Free-standing ones are usually cheaper than built-in ones (if we are not discussing retro design). Therefore, you will save money if you opt for a free-standing refrigerator, dishwasher and stove instead of built-in models. Another way to save is to choose ordinary models with a standard appearance without special technologies and ultra-modern functions.

Smooth, clean lines and surfaces

The more complex the shape and decoration, the higher the price for new furniture. Therefore, you have to expect to pay extra for the rustic design. Smooth door surfaces, clean lines and compact shapes are a good way to avoid unnecessarily increasing costs. The advantage is that you can complement such a minimalist line or cabinets with rustic or vintage furniture. In addition, you can subsequently revive it with your own design or original handles.

Tile formats


You will be smart if you choose from the standard wall and floor formats. The more atypical the size, shape or design, the higher the price. It cannot be said 100%, but small formats are usually more expensive than large-format tiles; the additional advantage is that they visually enlarge the space. If you cannot do without a mosaic, do not choose the classic one, but its imitation on a larger tile format. In addition, you will also save on grout.


diy home refurbhishment

It is clear that if you put your hand to the part, you will save on the work of a professional. Consider what is reasonable to tackle and what is better for the experts. With a little skill and care, you can lay a floating floor, tile the bathroom, paint the walls and radiators, assemble the furniture, and possibly renovate it (sand, paint, reupholster). If you have the appropriate education or training, it is better to refrain from engaging in electrical installations or the installation of glued floors. It is also worth asking for expert help if you want to oversize the heating system properly.

Use Buildiro


It is known that price comparison websites can save lots of money. With a tool like Buildiro.com, you will get information on current and historical prices, so you will know where to buy building materials or tools.

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