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tefal air fryer
Tefal Easy Fry Precision 2-in-1 Digital Air Fryer and Grill 4.2 Litre


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tefal air fryer

Tefal Easy Fry Precision 2-in-1 Digital Air Fryer



Ever wondered if there’s a kitchen gadget that can grill and air fry while saving you time and energy? Meet the Tefal Easy Fry Precision 2-in-1 Digital Air Fryer and Grill, Tefal’s innovative solution to modern cooking needs. This review explores how this dual-function appliance could become an indispensable part of your daily cooking routine.

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Do you find yourself craving for that perfect crispy and juicy chicken thigh but dread the lengthy preheating and cooking times? Or perhaps you love grilling but are put off by the smoke and hassle? The Tefal Easy Fry Precision is here to address these culinary desires with a touch of convenience and health-consciousness.

Core Features and Functionality

2-in-1 Cooking Technology

This isn’t just an air fryer; it’s a grill too! The device incorporates Tefal’s exclusive Extra Crisp technology, ensuring your food is not only crispy but also retains its flavour and moisture. Imagine enjoying both air-fried delicacies and grilled treats using just one appliance.

Time and Energy Efficiency

Cook your meals 49% faster than a conventional oven and save up to 70% energy. Think about the time and money you could save, not to mention the environmental benefits. It’s quick, efficient, and economical, especially considering the potential savings of up to £156 on energy bills.

No Preheat Needed

Who has time to wait for preheating these days? With this air fryer and grill, you can start cooking immediately. Just set your desired temperature (80-200°C) and time (up to 60mins), and you’re good to go. This feature is perfect for those busy days when you need a quick meal.

Smokeless Indoor Grilling

Grill to your heart’s content without worrying about smoke filling your kitchen, thanks to the 98% smoke reduction. The unique die-cast aluminium Sizzling Grill Plate ensures you get that juicy grilling taste, minus the inconvenience of traditional grilling.

Healthier Alternative

Craving for chips or a juicy burger but concerned about your health? This appliance allows you to enjoy your favourite foods with 99% less added fat. It’s not just about eating; it’s about eating healthily.

No Oven Required

Imagine cooking crispy and tasty food faster and with less hassle than an oven. With this appliance, you can enjoy crispy and juicy chicken thighs in just 20 minutes – a task that takes 40 minutes in a conventional oven.

Easy Clean

Cleaning is often the least favourite part of cooking, but not with the Tefal Easy Fry. The drawer and grill plate are dishwasher-safe, making cleaning a breeze. Spend more time enjoying your meal and less time worrying about the aftermath.

Real-Life Applications

Picture a Sunday family lunch where you air fry some chips while grilling halloumi, all in the same appliance, hassle-free. Or those busy weeknights when you need a quick yet healthy dinner – toss in some frozen falafel and vegetables, and your meal is ready in no time, with minimal clean-up required.


In conclusion, the Tefal Easy Fry Precision 2-in-1 Digital Air Fryer and Grill is a versatile, efficient, and health-conscious addition to any kitchen. Its innovative 2-in-1 technology, energy-saving features, and ease of use make it ideal for busy individuals and families alike. Whether you are a health enthusiast or just someone looking to simplify meal prep, this appliance could be your new favourite kitchen companion.


  • 2-in-1 Cooking: Air fryer and grill in one, with Extra Crisp technology.
  • Time and Energy Efficient: Cooks meals 49% faster and saves up to 70% energy.
  • No Preheat Needed: Start cooking immediately with adjustable temperature and timer.
  • Smokeless Indoor Grilling: Enjoy grilling with 98% less smoke.
  • Healthier Cooking: Offers 99% less added fat for healthier meal options.
  • Convenience: No need for a separate oven, cooks food faster and with less hassle.
  • Easy to Clean: Dishwasher-safe parts for easy post-meal clean-up.

The Tefal Easy Fry Precision 2-in-1 Digital Air Fryer and Grill is more than just an appliance; it’s a practical solution for modern, health-conscious, and busy lifestyles. Ready to make cooking a joy rather than a chore?

ninja dual air fryer

Ninja Foodi Dual Air Fryer MAX + Tongs, 9.5 L



Have you ever found yourself juggling multiple pots and pans, trying to get a meal ready? Well, the Ninja Foodi Dual Zone Air Fryer MAX might just be your new kitchen hero. This review delves into the nifty features and benefits of this 6-in-1 appliance, giving you a taste of how it could revolutionise your cooking experience.

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Ever fancied cooking two different dishes simultaneously, without any flavour mix-up? Isn’t it a hassle when different parts of your meal are ready at different times? The Ninja Foodi Dual Zone Air Fryer MAX addresses these common kitchen conundrums, offering a solution that’s both efficient and health-conscious.

Core Features and Functionality

Dual Cooking Zones

Imagine preparing crispy chips on one side and a succulent roast chicken on the other – all at the same time. With its two independent cooking zones, this air fryer allows you to cook two different dishes at different temperatures and timings, yet they’re both ready together. Isn’t that a time-saver?

Versatile Cooking Functions

From Max Crisp to Dehydrate, this appliance is not just an air fryer. It’s your baking, roasting, and reheating buddy. The versatility it offers is astounding, allowing you to unleash your culinary creativity without the need for multiple appliances.

Energy Efficiency

Concerned about your energy bills? This air fryer saves up to 65% energy compared to conventional ovens, especially when cooking everyday items like sausages. Efficient and economical – what’s not to love?

Large Capacity

Hosting a party or feeding a large family? The Ninja Foodi has got your back with its extra-large capacity. Each drawer can hold a substantial amount of food – be it 1.4kg of fries or a 2kg chicken. You can cook up to 8 portions at once, making meal prep a breeze for larger gatherings.

Health Benefits

Yearning for that crispy, fried taste without the guilt? The Air Fry function lets you indulge in your favourite fried foods with up to 75% less fat. Who said tasty can’t be healthy?

Real-Life Applications

Imagine coming home after a long day. You pop some fish fingers in one drawer and veggies in the other. In minutes, you have a complete meal, healthier than takeout and just as quick. Or think about those lazy Sunday brunches – roasting tomatoes while baking your breakfast muffins in the same appliance. It’s not just a kitchen gadget; it’s a lifestyle enhancer.


To sum up, the Ninja Foodi Dual Zone Air Fryer MAX is a versatile, efficient, and health-conscious addition to any kitchen. Its dual-zone technology, energy-saving features, and large capacity make it suitable for both everyday meals and entertaining. Whether you’re a busy professional, a health enthusiast, or someone who loves to host, this air fryer could be your next favourite kitchen appliance.

  • Dual Cooking Zones: Cook different dishes simultaneously, ready at the same time.
  • 6 Cooking Functions: Offers Max Crisp, Air Fry, Roast, Bake, Reheat, and Dehydrate.
  • Energy-Saving: Saves up to 65% energy, reducing your bills.
  • Large Capacity: Cooks up to 8 portions, suitable for families and gatherings.
  • Healthier Cooking: Enjoy your favourite fried foods with up to 75% less fat.
  • Extra Accessories: Comes with silicone tongs and non-stick, dishwasher-safe drawers and crisper plates.
  • Sleek Design: Copper and black finish, adding a touch of elegance to your kitchen.

Tower T17038 Xpress 5-in-1 Manual Air Fryer Oven with Rapid Air Circulation



In a world where time is of the essence and healthy eating is a priority, the Tower T17038 Xpress 5-in-1 Manual Air Fryer Oven emerges as a culinary game-changer. This review will explore how Tower’s innovative Vortx Air Frying Technology and other features make this appliance a must-have in any modern kitchen.

Friendly Tone and Rhetorical Questions

Ever wished for a kitchen gadget that not only speeds up cooking but also makes it healthier? Tired of juggling multiple appliances to prepare a single meal? The Tower T17038 could be the answer to these kitchen woes, offering convenience and health benefits in a sleek package.

Core Features and Functionality

Vortx Air Frying Technology

Tower’s exclusive Vortx technology revolutionises the way we cook. It circulates hot air rapidly, cooking food up to 30% faster than a conventional oven. And the best part? It requires little to no oil, allowing you to enjoy your favourite foods with significantly less fat.

Energy Efficiency

This air fryer oven isn’t just quick; it’s also energy-efficient. Cooking food 30% faster means using less power and potentially saving up to 70% on energy. This efficiency could translate into annual savings of around £198 – quite the boon for your utility bills!

Extra Large Capacity

With an 11L capacity, this air fryer oven offers up to 75% more space than standard air fryers. This extra room is perfect for preparing larger meals, whether it’s a dinner party with friends or a family feast.

User-Friendly Controls

Setting the 60-minute timer and cooking temperature is straightforward with the two dial controls. This simplicity ensures even the most technologically averse can achieve precise and delicious results from their first use.

Extended Warranty

A standard 1-year guarantee, extendable to 3 years upon online registration, reflects Tower’s confidence in their product. This assurance provides peace of mind and speaks volumes about the product’s durability and quality.

Real-Life Applications

Imagine effortlessly whipping up a batch of crispy chips and roasted chicken for a family dinner, all while using less oil and energy. Or hosting a dinner party where you can prepare multiple dishes at once, knowing everything will be cooked perfectly and on time. This air fryer oven makes these scenarios not just possible, but easy.


To sum up, the Tower T17038 Xpress 5-in-1 Manual Air Fryer Oven is a valuable addition to any kitchen. Its innovative Vortx technology, energy efficiency, and large capacity cater to both health-conscious individuals and those looking to simplify their cooking process. User-friendly and backed by a reassuring guarantee, it’s an appliance that promises to elevate your cooking experience.


  • Vortx Air Frying Technology: Cooks food up to 30% faster with little to no oil.
  • Energy Efficient: Saves up to 70% on energy, potentially reducing annual energy bills significantly.
  • Extra Large Capacity: 11L capacity, ideal for cooking larger meals or multiple dishes at once.
  • Simple Controls: Easy-to-use manual dials for setting time and temperature.
  • Extended Guarantee: Comes with a 3-year guarantee for added assurance.

In conclusion, the Tower T17038 Xpress Air Fryer Oven is more than just an air fryer; it’s a versatile, efficient, and convenient kitchen companion, perfect for anyone looking to combine speed, health, and taste in their cooking adventures.

How to Choose an Air Fryer?

In the following article, we will guide you through the selection of this home appliance, explain the various parameters to you, and emphasise what to focus on during the selection process.
  • Why Buy a Quality Air Fryer – You can rely not only on higher quality baking, but also on the construction.
  • Disadvantages of Air Fryers – The disadvantages typically include higher noise levels compared to a traditional oven and the fact that you can prepare a smaller amount of ingredients inside.
  • Types of Air Fryers – In a static one, you’ll need to occasionally stir the ingredients, while a dynamic one will take care of this for you.
  • Important Parameters – Consider the volume, both in terms of the amount of food being prepared and in connection with the storability of the appliance. Also check the maximum weight of the food and the manufacturing material.
  • Features and Accessories – Think about whether you want additional programmes. Common ones include programmes for baking pizza, grilling on a grid, or preparing vegetables. Also look out for useful extras, such as a transparent lid or other accessories included in the package.
  • Popular Brands – When choosing, bet on proven brands, which include Ninja, Philips, Siguro, Tefal, or Tower.
  • Price – Exploring price categories will give you an overview of the market offering and help you avoid overpriced goods.

Why Buy a Quality Air Fryer?

Higher quality hot air fryers are usually more expensive. Apart from offering a larger volume, they also provide a more durable construction, better baking quality, or advanced features. We will look more closely below at why it’s better to buy a higher quality fryer:
  • Healthy Frying – This innovative kitchen helper can fry with just one spoonful of oil, or even without any added fat. Thanks to the hot air, food from the fryer is crispy yet remains juicy.
  • Multifunctional Use – Most products also have multiple functions and can handle frying, baking, roasting, grilling, or cooking.
  • Quality of Construction – Better fryers can boast of their structural durability. They also offer a larger volume, a cool exterior, and sometimes even a baking dish with a slide mechanism.
  • Better Baking and Comfort – A quality fryer is known for its strong airflow, allowing it to evenly bake food from all sides.
  • Advanced Features – If you pay extra for a hot air fryer, you may also get the option to control it via a mobile app.

Healthy Frying

Although fried foods are not among the healthiest, sometimes we can’t resist thinking about golden crispy chips or a juicy schnitzel. These dishes are usually prepared in fryers – large containers filled with oil. However, this preparation has several disadvantages, the greatest being the high fat content. Hot air fryers aim to avoid this, allowing you to prepare food with just one spoonful of oil, or even completely without added fat.

Quality of Construction

Fundamentally, it must be said that the cheapest fryers are not particularly well constructed. From our testing experience, cheaper models not only heat up during baking but also lack an odour filter. Regarding durability, one of the cheap models had its handle fall off with less careful handling. Therefore, we took a closer look at how the attachment of handles is solved in different price ranges. With increasing price, manufacturers use a larger number of rivets, or in better cases, screws. More expensive fryers also offer, for example, a baking dish with a slide mechanism, freeing your hands for handling food.

Better Baking and Comfort

A typical feature of a better fryer is improved air circulation, thus providing all-around baking. As a result, the fryer requires less assistance from the cook and manages to bake food more evenly. For comparison, you can look at the photos below. Both fryers baked without us turning the chicken thighs during the process, and both used the same baking program. While the cheap fryer burnt the food, the higher quality (and not much more expensive) one baked the meat evenly from all sides.

Advance Features

The most basic models may only have a timer and temperature setting, but even among the cheaper devices, you can find pre-set programmes. However, in more expensive product lines, much greater setting options open up. In addition to a larger number of presets or long-term programmes that can work for dozens of hours, you can also choose from quality fryers with support for control via a mobile app.

Disadvantages of a Hot Air Fryer

Now, let’s look at the disadvantages that come with a hot air fryer.
  • Higher Noise Level – Compared to a conventional oven, a hot air fryer typically has a higher noise level.
  • Smaller Volume – A hot air fryer also usually has a smaller volume compared to a conventional oven. Therefore, you can prepare a smaller quantity of ingredients in it. Larger quantities must be prepared in several cycles.
  • Longer Preparation Time – Some ingredients will take longer to prepare in a hot air fryer, such as potato chips.
  • Takes Up Space – Both the accessories and the hot air fryer itself require storage space. Alternatively, you need to allocate a permanent place for it on the kitchen counter.

How a Hot Air Fryer Works

Hot air frying works on the principle of circulating hot air inside the fryer. A heating element is placed under the lid, which heats the air that then circulates around the food placed in the container. This heats and can fry, cook, or grill the food (Source: Wikipedia). The principle is more similar to a hot air oven than a traditional convection fryer. As a result, the final taste of the food is different from that of fried dishes.

Types of Hot Air Fryers

Hot air fryers are divided into several types. These are halogen fryers, static fryers, and dynamic fryers.
  • Halogen Fryers – For cooking food, they use infrared light, which is emitted into the container with the food. They usually have a window through which you can watch the cooking process.
  • Static Fryers – They circulate hot air around the ingredients, which should be stirred during preparation. They are the most common type.
  • Dynamic Fryers – They also use the circulation of hot air for frying, but are equipped with an arm or paddle that stirs the food during preparation.

Important Parameters

When choosing a hot air fryer, pay attention to important parameters that affect both safety and comfort of use.
  • Size – Consider not only the actual size of the appliance for future placement, but also its internal volume.
  • Maximum Weight of Food – Related to the usable volume of the fryer, usually you can insert 1 to 2 kg of food.
  • Material – The outer casing is most commonly made of plastic or stainless steel. Inside, opt for non-stick materials.


  • Dimensions of the Fryer – Depends on the shape of the fryer, typically fits on a kitchen counter.
  • Container Volume – In the market, you will find fryers with a volume ranging from 1.5 to 7.5 litres, some have capacities up to 12 litres.
Size can be viewed from two perspectives: as the size of the appliance and the volume of the food container. The dimensions of the fryer should be thought out in advance depending on where it will be placed. It depends on whether the fryer will be placed on the kitchen counter, or if you will store it away after each use. If you have a small counter and cabinets filled with various appliances or dishes, you might encounter a problem when purchasing a bulky fryer.
The second important parameter is the volume of the container in which the food is prepared. Unlike traditional fryers, you don’t need to consider the volume of oil and the capacity for food with their hot air variants. You should choose the volume of the container depending on the size of your household.
If you usually cook for two people, a smaller capacity will suffice, as opposed to preparing a meal for a six-member household. You can commonly find volumes ranging from 1.5 to 7.5 litres. However, you will also encounter models with capacities up to 12 litres.

Features and Accessories

Features and add-ons are essential for almost every appliance. They turn an ordinary device into an upgraded model, making it easier to use. Some features affect not only comfort but also safety, while others expand the usage possibilities.
  • Indicator Lights – Signal, for example, whether the device is heated up and ready to use.
  • Timer – Used to keep track of cooking time.
  • Filters – Such as odour filters, to eliminate smells from the fryer.
  • Display and Buttons – Facilitate setting adjustments, with the display providing information about the status of the food or the appliance.
  • Pre-set Programmes – Eliminate the need to figure out the temperature and cooking time.
  • WiFi and App Control – WiFi connectivity allows controlling the hot air fryer via an app, usually installable on phones with Android or iOS operating systems.
  • Accessories – Various attachments or holders, tongs, and grills. Used for preparing different types of dishes.

Popular Brands

Previously, hot air fryers were more of a rarity, but today they are found in the range of many kitchen appliance brands. Particularly popular are models from brands like Tefal, Philips, and Sencor.
Philips Air Fryers– This brand has been producing some of the most popular hot air fryers on the market for a long time. They feature simple controls and pre-set programmes and are generally among the more expensive options.
Ninja Air Fryer – Ninja is a renowned brand known for its innovative kitchen appliances, and their air fryers are no exception. These fryers are celebrated for their versatility and efficiency. They typically offer a range of functions beyond just air frying, such as roasting, reheating, and dehydrating. Ninja air fryers are designed with user-friendly interfaces, incorporating digital controls and multiple pre-set cooking options. They also often feature unique technologies for even and fast cooking. While they are on the mid to high end in terms of price, they are appreciated for their durability and high-quality performance.
Tower Air Fryer – Tower is a brand recognised for producing quality kitchen appliances, and their air fryers stand out for their practicality and efficiency. Tower air fryers are known for their sleek design and compact size, making them suitable for various kitchen sizes. These air fryers typically offer multiple cooking functions, such as grilling, baking, and roasting, in addition to air frying. They often feature easy-to-use controls with both manual and digital options, along with adjustable timers and temperature settings for precise cooking. Tower air fryers are generally considered an affordable choice, offering good value for their cost with a focus on energy efficiency and consistent cooking results.