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Bosch CreationLine Serie 4 Food Mixer




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Considering the average price for a food mixer, this device offers exciting options, for example, seven speeds, a sufficient power of 1000 W or many accessories, such as a mincer or juicer.

The bowl belongs to the smaller ones, i.e. 3.9 litres; we usually come across bowl volumes of up to 5 litres in competitive food mixers.

The positive side of this model remains the 3D planetary mixing system and variability, which is equal to several more expensive models.

Similar to other Bosch models, this one is a more compact option for smaller kitchens, but you must also remember to store numerous accessories. It measures 28.2 cm in height, 28 cm in width, 27.1 cm in length and 7.4 kg in weight.

Feature Bosch CreationLine Serie 4
Manufacturer Bosch
Body material Plastic
Bowl capacity 3.9 litres
Bowl material Stainless steel
Wattage 1000 W
Weight 7.4 Kilograms


In terms of function, the food mixer offers several safety features. Technically, this food mixer will have a safety lock, timer, digital display or splash guard function. We upgrade the food mixer to a higher class thanks to these functions.
Feature Bosch CreationLine Serie 4
Splash guard Yes
Dishwasher-safe parts Yes
Safety lock Yes
Digital display Yes
Timer Yes
Safety features – Rubber suction feet
– Automatic power-on safety lock
– Overload fuse 

Equipment and accessories 

The accessories in the package are excellent. You will find classic basics such as kneading dough and mixing, but it also provides accessories such as a blender, meat mincer, citrus press or professional patisserie set.

Accessories Bosch CreationLine Serie 4
Meat mincer Yes
Blender Yes
Juicer Yes
Citrus Press Yes
Whisk Yes
Pulse function Yes

Pros and cons

The advantage is the lower purchase price compared to other food mixers in this category. We also appreciate the wide range of accessories. The food mixer meets all prices. There may need to be more than the small volume of 3.9 litres of stainless steel bowl for professional use. Therefore this food mixer will be a suitable companion for unsophisticated users.


The Bosch CreationLine Serie 4 food mixer will find many fans, mainly due to its compact dimensions, significant variability and favourable price. However, we can only recommend it to less demanding users because this food mixer will not be suitable for processing large batches of dough or for frequent use. If you are passionate about baking and are looking for a compelling model, we recommend looking at other reviews, such as the Kenwood Titanium Chef Patissier XL model. But if you are starting with food mixers and want to try out what such a food mixer can do without costing you a lot of money, we can safely recommend the Bosch model.

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