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The Kenwood kitchen food mixer impresses at first glance, especially with its relatively high price so it will be a model suitable mainly for more demanding customers and widespread use. As is usual with more expensive models, this one also pleases with its all-metal body, which tends to be more durable than plastic variants. You get two stainless steel bowls with the food mixer; the larger one has a capacity of 7 l, one of the highest values on the market. That way, he will be confident even with large batches of dough.

We see the eight speeds as more than enough, and the planetary mixing system is already commonplace in today’s food mixers. You can switch smoothly between speeds, and you can also use the pulse function. We must praise the 1,400 W power consumption, which indicates a potent motor.

A rarity of the food mixer is its heating function; you can heat chocolate directly in the bowl and prepare Swiss snow for coconuts. The food mixer also has a built-in scale, so you eliminate one step in the process.

Feature Kenwood Food Mixer
Manufacturer Kenwood
Body material Stainless steel
Bowl capacity 7 litres
Bowl material Stainless steel
Wattage 1400 W
Weight 9.9 Kilograms


The higher price of the Kenwood food mixer is largely justified mainly by this model’s innovative functions. This is the heating and the integrated weight of the raw materials. One device will save you, among other things, the number of dirty dishes. It also has a display and a timer.
Of course, there is also an important essential – the food mixer bowl has a handle for easier portability and a transparent lid against splashes. The food mixer also has necessary safety features standard in today’s models, including non-slip feet, an overload safety device and a locking device that keeps the arm in a raised position, for example, when changing attachments.
Its functions can be extended through various extensions, which we will describe in more detail in the next chapter. The attachments are attached to the food mixer on the slow and fast speeds output, which this model has.
Feature Kenwood Food Mixer
Splash guard Yes
Dishwasher-safe parts Yes
Safety lock Yes
Other features In-bowl lights
Timer Yes
Safety features – non-slip feet
– safety interlock 

Equipment and accessories 

A wide range of accessories are available for this product, with options for almost every possible attachment. The package includes three essential pieces of equipment: a kneading hook, a mixing K-beater, and a balloon whisk. Additionally, a slicer, grater, and mixer are included. Attachments, such as pasta machines, juicers, poppy seed or grain grinders, and berry presses, can be purchased separately. The most popular attachments are listed in the table below, with the complete list on the manufacturer’s website.

Pros and cons

This food mixer has impressive heating and weighing capabilities, an all-metal body, a powerful motor, and a display with a timer. It also comes with two bowls, which is a plus. However, the machine is large and heavy, which may be better for some users. Additionally, it is pricey and may only be worth the investment if you plan to use it frequently. Keep in mind that you may also need to purchase additional attachments.


When writing the review, the Kenwood Titanium Chef Patissier kitchen food mixer was one of the most original models on the market. The high price of the food mixer is mainly due to its innovative functions; the food mixer can not only knead or beat ingredients but also weigh and heat them. A display with a timer will be used for control, and you will also find two stainless steel bowls in the equipment. But in some respects, this model is more variable than the competition. It is thus a device suitable mainly for baking, ideally at an advanced to professional level. With only occasional use, the investment in this food mixer is not worth it.
If you are looking for a cheaper model with many accessories but still a relatively high-quality food mixer, look at the Bosch CreationLine Series 4 review.

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