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Toshiba Air Fry Combo 5-IN-1 26L Microwave Review




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Imagine a single appliance that could transform the way you cook daily. The TOSHIBA Air Fry Combo 5-IN-1 Microwave Oven promises to be just that. With features that enable microwaving, air frying, baking, and grilling all in one, this product might just be the game-changer your kitchen needs. Let’s delve into this versatile appliance.

Core Features and Benefits

5-In-1 Versatility

This microwave doesn’t just heat up your leftovers; it also serves as an air fryer, broiler, baker, and offers combination functions. It’s designed to be an all-encompassing kitchen solution, reducing the need for multiple appliances and saving valuable kitchen space.

Healthier Frying Option

Thanks to its 3D heat circulation air fry technology, you can enjoy your favorite fried foods like chicken nuggets and French fries with less fat. This feature is perfect for those who are health-conscious but not ready to give up on tasty fried foods.

Speedy Cooking with Combi-Modes

With a substantial power output—2100W for convection (up to 240℃) and 1000W under the grill—this oven’s combination modes meld microwave, convection, and grill functions. This not only speeds up the cooking process but also ensures that food is crispy on the outside and tender on the inside.

Capacity with Compact Footprint

The oven’s 26L capacity is ample enough to fit a 4lb whole roasted chicken or a 10-inch pizza, yet it maintains a compact footprint that won’t overwhelm your countertop space.

Extensive Cooking Options

With 10 Auto Menus and 9 Air Fry Menus, the TOSHIBA Air Fry Combo caters to both cooking novices and experienced chefs, making it a versatile choice for any kitchen.

User-Friendly Design

An 11.3-inch removable turntable promotes even cooking, and the appliance is designed to allow easy clearance and sufficient ventilation, crucial for small or busy kitchens.

Applications in Real-Life Scenarios

Health-Conscious Families

The air fry feature is particularly beneficial for families looking to reduce calorie intake while still enjoying fried food favorites.

Busy Professionals

For those with demanding schedules, the combination modes and auto menus are significant time savers, enabling quick, healthy, and delicious home-cooked meals without the fuss.

Space-Saving Kitchens

Its multi-functional nature and compact design make it an ideal fit for small kitchens or for those aiming to declutter and simplify their cooking space.

Cooking Enthusiasts

The variety of functions and extensive menu options open up a world of culinary possibilities, from baking crisp pizzas to grilling juicy steaks.


The TOSHIBA Air Fry Combo 5-IN-1 Microwave Oven stands out as a versatile, space-efficient, and health-oriented cooking solution. It is an excellent choice for those aiming to cut down on fat without sacrificing flavor, busy individuals in need of quick meal options, and culinary enthusiasts with limited space. This appliance is more than just a microwave—it’s a multi-functional tool that could revolutionise your cooking experiences and enhance your kitchen functionality

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