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The AEG freestanding dishwasher is one of the more expensive models on the market, so it can be expected to hold up well compared to other products. The capacity of 13 place settings is also suitable for larger families; most dishwashers offer a smaller volume. In terms of energy, this dishwasher belongs to the more economical models; it is classified in the better class D and uses 1 kWh for one washing cycle. Its water consumption of 11 l per cycle just exceeded the then-average of 10 l. The total costs thus more or less correspond to the then average, as with several competing dishwashers, with this one you will also see prices of around £0.20 per cycle.

This dishwasher does not stand out regarding washing or drying efficiency, but that is mainly because practically all modern dishwashers are equal in these respects; in short, they wash and dry more or less at the same level. With a noise level of 44 dB, it ranked among the quieter models.

Washing programs

The AEG dishwasher offers ten programs, which is above the standard, but can be expected to a certain extent for a model of this price category. Of course, the most popular (and often the only) washing programs that users use must be included. Specifically, it is a short, eco-program and automatic program. The fast program saves you time but tends to be demanding on consumption. The Eco program, on the other hand, is economical, but it can drag on quite a bit. The automatic program tries to optimise consumption and time based on the number of dishes loaded.

In addition, this model also has a particular program for washing the glass. On the contrary, it lacks a program for cleaning the dishwasher, which is already very common nowadays, even in cheaper models.

ParameterAEG FFE63806PW
Washing programs10
Quick program30 MIN
Eco programYes
Automatic programYes
Extra silentYes
Intensive program 70Yes
Glass 45Yes

 Equipment and features

You will not be deprived of functions with the AEG dishwasher. There is no point in going into detail about elements that are now self-evident, such as the display or delayed start. Of course, there are indications of a lack of salt and rinse aid—sound signal and safety functions, i.e. childproof and overflow protection. Inside the dishwasher, in addition to the cutlery drawer, which many models lack, you will also find interior lighting. In addition, the dishwasher offers extra drying, an automatic door opening after the end of the cycle and a water contamination sensor.
The inverter motor is then entirely hidden in the bowels of the device, which, in addition to the mentioned low noise level, also promises a long service life. In addition, the dishwasher also has, for example, a water contamination sensor and a hygienic washing function suitable for washing children’s dishes, for example.
Efficiency and sustainabilityAEG FFE63806PW
Energy efficiency classD
Water consumption in the Automatic program11 l
Drying methodOpen door drying
Electricity consumption in the ECO program1 kWh
Comfortliftrack lifting
Noise emission classB
Noise emissions44 dB


The AEG FFE63806PW dishwasher belongs to a higher price category, which can certainly discourage many interested parties. The higher price is partially offset by lower consumption and a decent range of features, including hygienic washing or interior lighting. Its offer of washing programs is also quite wide, but unlike many competing models, it lacks, for example, a program for cleaning the dishwasher.
The main disadvantage of this model remains the higher purchase price. In our comparison, you will also find more affordable alternatives, for example, the Bosch SMS6EDW02G dishwasher offers decent parameters. If you are looking for a similar dishwasher in the same category, look at our dishwasher review Miele G5222SC winner.