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The 13-place setting capacity of dishes the Bosch dishwasher offers will be ideal for families. Like most dishwashers, this free-standing model has a modern inverter motor, which stands out, especially for its long life and low consumption. Although the energy class C may seem like something other than anyone’s success, at the time of writing the review, it was the best class in our comparison, making this dishwasher one of the most energy-efficient models.

The consumption of the dishwasher can be described as relatively low; the total costs for one washing cycle are below £0.3. The effectiveness of washing and drying is comparable for today’s dishwashers across price categories, and this model does not deviate in any way.

Washing programs

The range of Bosch dishwasher programs has its strengths and weaknesses. The choice of 6 programs and four washing temperatures should be sufficient for most users, although models with a better offer exist. The dishwasher has a fast, Eco or intensive program, i.e. the three most used variants. These are also complemented by a program for cleaning the dishwasher and an automatic program that, thanks to special sensors, evaluates the amount and degree of soiling of the dishes and selects the appropriate settings.

However, there is no special program for gentle glass washing, which you can find in some dishwashers.

ParameterAEG FFE63806PW
Washing programs6
Eco programYes
Automatic programYes
Remote startYes
Intensive program 70Yes
Half loadYes

 Equipment and features

The range of equipment and functions is more than decent in the case of this model. It is exciting with Smart technology, which was only available in a minimum of dishwashers at the time of writing the review. Thanks to this, you can control the dishwasher, for example, via a mobile phone or a voice assistant. In addition, the dishwasher also has an automatic door opening function that speeds up the drying of the dishes after washing, a unique quiet program that you will appreciate if you run the dishwasher overnight, and a dosing assistant that ensures the perfect dissolution of the detergent.
Of course, the necessary basics still need to be included, such as a display, a child safety lock, an indicator of a lack of salt and rinse aid or a delayed start. We can praise the cutlery drawer, which is used for better cutlery storage and protection against overflow. The signalling of this model is only light; several dishwashers also have a sound signal.
In addition to the functions, the table also shows the dimensions of the dishwasher; it belongs to the larger models with a width of 60 cm, and height and depth are standard.
FeatureAEG FFE63806PW
Energy classC
Place setting capacity13
Noise emissions46 dB
Delayed start3, 6 or 24 hours
Dimensions (mm)H845 x W600 x D600

Overall, we didn’t find major flaws with this model, only minor things like the absence of sound signalling. In some respects, the dishwasher adheres to traditional values, for example, noise or the efficiency of washing and drying, but all dishwashers on the market are comparable.

If you are not fond of Smart functions and prefer a more powerful dishwasher, we recommend that you look at the AEG FFE63806PW review.