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Russell Hobbs 26051 Cordless Electric Kettle



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Among the basic parameters of the Russell Hobbs kettle, its boiling speed, ensured by a high power input of 3,000 W, attracts attention. While other kettles spend over three minutes heating 0.8 l of water, this one is done in about 2 minutes. The boil-dry protection will also please you; cook one cup in 43 seconds.

The maximum volume of 1.7 l and the minimum of around 0.5 l are the most common kettles variants. In the same way, a hidden heating element, which you can also find in this model, is a matter of course today. Like the other tested kettles, this one also works again almost immediately after boiling, so you can heat enough water for a large company without any problems.

The kettle is made mainly of plastic material, which is what we would expect from a glass or stainless steel kettle at this price.

Safety and comfort of use

The safety of the Russell Hobbs kettle is at an excellent level. It belongs to more advanced models that can turn off when the kettle boils dry. The kettle also conveniently pours water into the mug, and the kettle pours cleanly and accurately with no splashing.
Features Russell Hobbs 26051 Cordless Electric Kettle
Colour Black, grey, white, cream
Volume capacity 1.7 litres
Special features Boil dry protection
Wattage 3000W
Minimum capacity 0.24 litres
Material Plastic

Pros and cons

We can positively rate the water heating speed of the Russell Hobbs kettle. The kettle is relatively fast, stable and has essential safety features, including shut-off when boiling with the lid open. We perceive that the kettle is made of plastic as the main disadvantage. The kettle is cordless, as a positive feature.


The primary motivation for purchasing a Russell Hobbs kettle may be its appearance or the fact that it is one of the few cordless kettles on the market. It also impresses with the speed of water heating, 43 seconds per cup, but on the contrary, in some basic parameters, this model could be more robust; for example, the plastic body can seem cheap. The price is reasonable for a cordless kettle.
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