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Beko 213 Litres 50/50 Freestanding Fridge Freezer Review




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Beko CFG3552S is a fridge freezer with a slightly below-average volume. Its cooling section has a capacity of 143 litres, and the freezer has 77 litres. It is, therefore, suitable for storing food for three to four people. The consumption of the refrigerator is relatively high, and therefore, the fridge is classified as having an energy rating F. The noise level is 39 dB, which ranks it in noise class C.

The freezer parameters go against the trend of most models in our comparison. It can only freeze 3 kg of food in 24 hours, which is quite a bit. It is, therefore, not very suitable for freezing a large amount of food. On the other hand, the refrigerator keeps food frozen for a long time, even in the event of an outage, up to 15 hours. In addition, food can be stored in the freezer for a long time, as it freezes to -15 °C.

ParameterBeko CFG3582S
Fridge freezer typeFreestanding
Total storage capacity220 litres
Fridge storage volume143 litres
Freezer storage volume77 litres
Energy efficiency ratingF
Noise emission classC
Noise level39 dB(A)
Power failure safe-storage time15 hours
Freezing capacity3 kg/ 24 hours
Compartments (freezer)Drawers 3x
Number of shelves (fridge)3
Storage features-Egg rack x1
– Bottle rack x1

Equipment and features

The Beko fridge freezer is richly equipped with functions. It does not lack common functions such as an anti-icing system, a fan or the possibility of reversible opening.

The refrigerator is powered by an inverter compressor, thanks to which the refrigerator has low consumption and noise. However, the manufacturer does not indicate whether the fridge has an extended warranty. The dimensions of the refrigerator are more or less average; specific values can be found in the following table.

SpecificationsBeko CFG3552S
DefrostingFrost free
Freezer guardYes
Freezing start rating****
Temperature warningNo
Open door warningNo

beko fridge freezer review

Pros and Cons

Beko fridge freezers are among the well-equipped and economical refrigerators. Thanks to this, it has low operating costs and, at the same time, extends the shelf life of stored food. The disadvantage is the absence of several functions, such as open-door warnings or faster freezing. The higher purchase price, but still relatively low compared to similar refrigerators.


Beko refrigerators offer basic functionality and are a good option for those prioritizing affordability. Beko fridges have received positive reviews for features such as their special technology that keeps food fresh for up to 30 days, easy-to-clean finishes, and energy-efficient operation. The brand is part of Arçelik, one of Europe’s largest household appliance manufacturers. While they do not offer custom finishes or Wi-Fi capabilities, Beko’s sleek designs and Energy Star certification make them a great option for families and single households. In summary, if you’re looking for a reasonably priced refrigerator with standard features, Beko is definitely worth considering.

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