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The Candy CSC1365WEN is a free-standing combination fridge with a freezer at the bottom. The refrigerator falls into a low-price category, corresponding to the less rich functional equipment, so it represents a suitable solution, especially for undemanding users. It offers a volume of 114 litres in the cooling section and 71 litres in the freezer, so it is particularly suitable for families of two to three members. When writing this review, its consumption is above the average, so higher annual operating costs must be expected.

The refrigerator’s noise level of 40 dB is one of the highest in our comparison, but it still ranks in the most common noise class C. The 15-hour storage time in the event of an appliance failure or power outage is the average in this price category. In terms of freezing performance, the refrigerator can freeze up to 5.4 kg of food in 24 hours, a slightly below-average value in our comparison. Still, it has yet to be reached by several significantly more expensive appliances.


ParameterCandy CSC1365WE
Fridge freezer typeFreestanding
Total storage capacity185 litres
Fridge storage volume114 litres
Freezer storage volume71 litres
Energy efficiency ratingF
Noise emission classC
Noise level40 dB(A)
Power failure safe-storage time15 hours
Freezing capacity5.4 kg/ 24 hours
Compartments (freezer)Drawers x3
Number of shelves (fridge)2
Storage features-Vegetable compartment x1
– Egg tray – NO

Equipment and features

The Candy refrigerator impresses little with its equipment and functions, which is adequate considering the purchase price. You will certainly be pleased with the Total No Frost function, a frost-free system that eliminates manual freezer defrosting. Compared to the competition, it stands out for its unique flexibility, where you can change the door opening direction and up to 100 combinations of the internal arrangement of shelves and compartments in the doors, so you can easily store tall food or drinks inside.

SpecificationsCandy CSC1365WEN
Anti bacterial protectionNo
Annual energy consumption214 kWh
Reversible doorYes
Split typeLinear Cooling
Temperature controlsYes
Open door alertNo

candy fridge freezer

From the user’s point of view, the refrigerator pleases with a clear display for easy operation. This allows you to regulate the temperature in the cooling section from 2 °C to 8 °C and activate the Super cooling function or activate the Super freezing function in the freezer section – this will temporarily lower the temperature for quick freezing of newly inserted food. The advantage in terms of design is that the display is located inside. Hence, the refrigerator has modern, clean lines, which are complemented only by the manufacturer’s logo on the outside.

Pros and Cons

Among the greatest advantages of this refrigerator is its unique flexibility, where you can arrange not only the internal shelves but also the compartments in the doors as you wish. It is also possible to change the door opening direction, which not all refrigerators allow. It also impresses with the additional functional equipment you get after installing the mobile application. Unfortunately, the fridge has an above-average annual consumption, so it is necessary to expect higher operating costs.


The combined free-standing Candy CSC1365WEN refrigerator is one of the cheapest models in our comparison, so it is a suitable choice, especially for less demanding users. The absence of some functions and average electricity consumption matches the low purchase price here. Considering the price range, on the other hand, the refrigerator stands out with its volume and freezing performance, which has yet to be achieved by several more expensive refrigerators. Additional tips and functions compensate for the absence of some functions you get after downloading the mobile application. Unfortunately, there is no Wi-Fi for remote control.

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