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Omron BF511 Clinically Validated Full Body Composition Monitor


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omron bathroom scale

Roborock S7




Omron BF511 Review

Are you ready to take your health and fitness journey to the next level? Look no further than the Omron BF511 Body Analysis Device, a clinically validated marvel that’s more than just a bathroom scale. This cutting-edge device is your ultimate partner in achieving your wellness goals, whether on a diet fitness program or simply striving for a healthier lifestyle.


Precision Meets Innovation:

The BF511 goes beyond traditional scales, offering six precise body composition readings that comprehensively view your body’s health. Thanks to its advanced bio-impedance analysis technology with not four but eight sensors, accuracy is taken to a new level. These sensors, strategically placed on your hands and feet, ensure that every measurement is spot on.


Your Health Coach:

Imagine having your very own health coach available at home. The Omron BF511 displays crucial metrics like body weight, fat percentage, basal metabolic rate, and skeletal muscle mass. These key parameters show how efficiently your body works, empowering you to tailor your fitness and weight loss journey for maximum results.


For the Whole Family:

The Omron BF511 is designed with your entire family in mind. It’s suitable for daily use by anyone aged six and up, making it an excellent tool for monitoring BMI and body fat control for everyone. Its robust design ensures a long service life, making it a lasting investment in your family’s health.


Sleek and Stylish:

Available in two stunning colours, turquoise and dark blue, the BF511 elevates your health and adds a style to your bathroom. It’s more than just a device; it’s a statement of your commitment to a healthier you.

Etekcity scale

Etekcity Scale Smart




Etekcity Scale Smart

Etekcity has truly set the bar high with their ESF-551 body weight scale, and let me tell you, settling for anything less just won’t cut it! As the reigning #1 selling brand of body weight scales in the US, Etekcity has earned its reputation for innovation and high performance, and the ESF-551 is no exception.

Its exceptional precision sets this scale apart. It can accurately weigh items as light as 100 grams, making it perfect for parcels or those who appreciate finer details. The unique double increment feature ensures accuracy across a wide range of weights, from 100 g to 180 kg.

But that’s not all—Etekcity has gone above and beyond to cater to your needs. The Baby and Pet Mode is a game-changer if you have a baby or a pet. It not only helps track the growth of your little ones but also allows you to hold your baby while weighing, effortlessly subtracting your weight from theirs. Safety and reliability are paramount, and Etekcity delivers.

Pregnant? No worries! The Zero-Current Mode lets you safely measure your weight and BMI during pregnancy without any harm. It’s a thoughtful touch that sets this scale apart as a comprehensive health monitoring tool.

The ESF-551 is a comprehensive health companion with 16 essential body composition metrics, including BMI, body fat, visceral fat, muscle mass, bone mass, and body water. Syncing this wealth of data is a breeze with the Vesync app and the best part? Etekcity values your privacy. Sync with popular fitness apps like Apple Health, Samsung Health, Google Fit, and Fitbit without a worry—your personal information remains safe and sound.

And here’s the kicker: unlimited users. This scale is not just for you; it’s for the whole family and friends. Create unique profiles for everyone on the Vesync app, sharing and inspiring each other on your health journeys.

Now, a quick note of caution for those with medical electronic devices like pacemakers: Etekcity has your back. Consult with a healthcare professional before using the scale, or activate the Zero-Current Mode on the free VeSync app to measure only your weight and BMI.

In conclusion, the Etekcity ESF-551 is more than a scale—it’s a health companion that delivers precision, safety, and innovation. Don’t settle for less; invest in the best for your well-being.


salter scales

Salter Scale 9075




Salter Scale 9075

If you’re looking for a reliable and stylish electronic scale, look no further than the Salter Premium Max. Boasting an impressive 250 Kg maximum capacity, this scale is robust and suitable for the entire family.
One standout feature is the sleek silver glitter design, adding a touch of elegance to your weighing routine. The design isn’t just for show; it also contributes to neat and easy storage, making it a seamless addition to any bathroom or bedroom.
The simplicity of use is where the Salter Premium Max truly shines. With its instant weigh-in feature, you can step on the scale without the hassle of pressing any buttons. The option to measure in kilograms or stones and pounds adds a level of customisation, ensuring the scale caters to your specific preference with just the press of a button.
The supersized LCD enhances user experience by providing precise and easily readable measurements. No more squinting or bending over to check your weight—the Salter Premium Max makes it a breeze.
The toughened glass platform is durable and slim, making storage a non-issue. Its large platform provides generous footroom, ensuring comfort during use. Additionally, the included carpet foot attachments are a game-changer for those with uneven floors. They secure to the bottom of the scale, guaranteeing accurate weighing even on carpets.
In conclusion, the Salter Premium Max Electronic Scale is a top-notch product that combines functionality and glamour. Its impressive capacity, stylish design, user-friendly features, and adaptability to different surfaces make it a must-have for any household. Step into the future of weighing with the Salter Premium Max!


How do we compare bathroom scales?

We have selected products from various price categories with other functions to make our valuable comparison for users with different demands. Bathroom scales are a practical helper for every household and integral to nutritionists’ surgeries, sports clubs and similar facilities.

Long gone are the days when the scale only measured your weight. Modern devices can do much more and become your significant helpers in a weight loss diet and healthy lifestyle. When choosing the products for our comparison, we considered a variety of parameters; please take a look at the most important ones in the bullet points below. 

  • Carrying capacity
  • Measurement accuracy
  • Measurement options
  • Control
  • Connectivity
  • Design

How to choose a bathroom scale?

We will describe the topic of bathroom scales from the basics, i.e. from the primary division into mechanical and digital. As for the individual parameters of bathroom scales, we will focus on their appearance and other essential features.
So let’s remember the dimensions of the bathroom scale, its carrying capacity and, last but not least, the functional equipment and technology. These will mainly concern more modern and smart devices. At the end of the article, we will mention the correct measurement and the acquisition costs, along with a description of what product you can get in the given price range.

How to choose a bathroom scale in brief

  • Find out why you should invest in a quality bathroom scale – High measurement accuracy, display of health parameters, or the possibility of connecting to a mobile application are the main reasons it is worth investing in a quality bathroom scale.
  • Choose the correct type of scale: Depending on your preference, there are mechanical, digital and diagnostic scales to choose from. They differ in terms of their functions, measurement accuracy and purchase price.
  • Focus on the essential parameters: Consider the scale’s capacity and how accurately it should measure your weight. Also, consider its dimensions, weight and design.
  • Consider measurement options: Basic bathroom scales only measure body weight. More advanced ones will also measure your water, fat, bone mass or other body parameters.
  • Check out the features and functions: Besides the digital display, you may find a detachable display, built-in alarm clock or internal memory for multiple users.
  • Get inspired and bet on popular brands of bathroom scales: Popular brands in this segment include Salter, Soehnle, Etekcity, and Omron
  • Set a financial budget: Prices for bathroom scales start at around £12 but can climb to over £100. It mainly depends on the functional equipment and measurement accuracy.

Why should you consider to buy a bathroom scale?

 First, come and read the reasons why it is worth investing in a quality bathroom scale.
  • Accurate body weight measurement: Although cheap mechanical scales have a favourable price, they cannot be said to have high measurement accuracy. More advanced bathroom scales weigh with a precision of 100 grams, and professional scales have up to 100% accuracy.
  • Display of health parameters: If you invest in a more advanced diagnostic scale, you will get an overview of several health parameters that will help you live a healthier life or more easily achieve your goals in terms of figures.
  • Greater user comfort: Advanced smart digital scales are characterised by their connectivity and the possibility of linking to a mobile application. In it, you can track your measurement results over time or share them with your friends.
  • Attractive design: You can make regular weighing more pleasant by purchasing a scale with a beautiful design that matches the rest of the accessories in the interior.

Types of bathroom scales

The primary division of bathroom scales is related to the most basic. On the market, you can choose between mechanical and digital scales, which differ not only in appearance but mainly in the weighing mechanism and display of the resulting information. Several manufacturers also divide digital scales according to what the products can offer you.
  • Analog bathroom scale: Low purchase price, basic measuring mechanism with accuracy to the kg, higher durability and easy operation. But it has no special functions.
  • Digital bathroom scale: Offers more accurate measurement results, a digital display, a more attractive design, and often automatic measurement when stepping. However, there is still a limited range of features. There are also baby scales, which are now primarily digital.
  • Smart digital scale (diagnostic): Offers special functions assessing life vitality, often possibly tracking measured values over time, the most accurate measurement results: higher price, more demanding control.

Analog bathroom scale

Everyone is undoubtedly familiar with analog bathroom scales; the weight is shown here by a spring moving on a numbered scale. They were used in the time of our grandmothers, but current manufacturers continue their production to this day. These scales are primarily intended for undemanding customers. In favour of an analog bathroom scale, simplicity, speed of measurement, and, last but not least, low acquisition costs and retro design speak in favour of it.
However, you should expect that the accuracy of the presented results may not be perfect and, for example, a 200g weight loss will not be recorded by the scale at all. In short, it is designed for basic home use.

Digital bathroom scale

Part of this type of bathroom scale is no longer a mechanical hand displaying the resulting weight but an LCD made of liquid crystals. You will get more accurate results when weighing than a mechanical bathroom scale. You will often come across higher-quality artistry and a more modern design. However, digital individual scales are associated with higher acquisition costs depending on your additional functions and overall appearance requirements. However, classic digital scales are still only used to measure a person’s body weight. Don’t expect anything else from such a product.

Smart bathroom scale

As the name of this product already reveals, you get something more than just a classic weighing instrument with a digital display. These scales are often called intelligent, possibly diagnostic or analytical. Their superstructure is a series of functions measuring other values of your physical mailbox. From the representation of fat to the amount of water in the body to the ideal daily number of calories. However, you have to consider that these multifunctional scales are among the more expensive types of bathroom scales; also, due to their options, you may have to deal with a little more complicated control.

Important features

Bathroom scales are simple devices, but when choosing, you need to pay attention to several technical parameters, which we will introduce you to in this chapter.
Capacity: The lowest capacity starts at 100 kg, but usually, it is around 120-150 kg; the most advanced scales have a capacity of over 200 kilograms.
Measuring accuracy: Mechanical scales weigh with a precision of kilograms. But most standard scales measure with an accuracy of up to 100 g, professional models with up to 100% accuracy.
Dimensions and weight: This is not space-consuming equipment, but the area must be sufficient for both feet. The weight is usually 1 to 5 kg, depending on the production material.
Design: Plastic and glass models with square and rounded corners, children’s models with pictorial motifs.

Material and design

  • Plastic bathroom scales: These are cheaper models that are less durable.
  • Glass bathroom scales: Higher durability, easy maintenance, elegant design, suitable for all interiors.

What can you measure?

This chapter is primarily focused on smart bathroom scales. We will introduce you to the various data they can measure through the following few lines.
Body weight: A primary function offered by all scales (mechanical, digital and smart). It measures your weight according to individual characteristics with accuracy to kilograms or grams.
Body Fat: The scale will measure your total body fat percentage.
Visceral Fat: A smart bathroom scale can measure a person’s visceral fat. This is usually stored in the abdominal cavity and envelops your internal organs. It increases the risk of diabetes and is much more dangerous to human health than subcutaneous fat.
Water content: You will find out the water content in the muscles. This figure is measured by bioimpedance and is usually displayed as a percentage.
Muscle mass: The scale will measure the proportion of your muscle mass in the body, both striated and smooth. The principle of bioimpedance, i.e. the different resistance of living material in the course of a weak electrical signal, will help her to do this. The current travels faster through muscles than through fat.
Bone mass:  A sophisticated analysis showing the total mass of bones in the body and the mass of calcium and minerals contained in them.
BMR: Basal metabolic rate is a figure known as the abbreviation BMR and represents the amount of calories required for the 24-hour functioning of the organism without load. It depends on age, gender, average physical activity and the amount of muscle mass.
AMR: Shows how many calories your body needs to cover average daily activity. Together with BMR, they calculate the calories a person should consume to maintain or lose weight according to their preferences.
BMI: One of the most well-known indicators considering the ratio between weight and height. Just to let you know, its indicative value is only sometimes high. Since muscles are heavier than fat, a muscular athlete will have a worse BMI than a slightly overweight person. In reality, they are better off. There are also more reliable health status indicators, for example, the BAI index (Source: The Calculator Site).
Metabolic age: An examination of basal metabolism based on age. Metabolic age is the average age of people with a metabolism similar to yours. If your metabolic age is higher than your actual age, you probably feel older, and your metabolism needs to speed up.
Physical condition: The scale will indicate your condition according to the detected values. Usually, the indicator is displayed on a scale of 1 to 9.

Functions and features

In addition to the broad spectrum of measurable data, we must mention some other goodies. They concern your comfort and the possibilities of displaying your results or control.
  • Control: Most bathroom scales are controlled by pressing the appropriate button or automatically evaluating everything when stepping on the surface. Some more expensive models that allow voice control or control via an application are no exception.
  • LCD: is the domain of digital bathroom scales; you will not find it on mechanical scales. More advanced displays show information about weight and many others, such as overload indicators, the need to replace batteries, etc.
  • Connectivity: As mentioned in one of the previous chapters, bathroom scales can also be connected to other devices, for example, via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi technology. iOS and Android operating systems are supported for mobile phones.
  • Built-in alarm clock: With an adjustable alarm, you will remember to weigh yourself regularly at the same hour.
  • Detachable display: More modern bathroom scales allow you to separate the magnetic display from the main body, which you place at eye level so you don’t have to lean forward when weighing. An alternative can also be a scale with a frame on which the display is attached.
  • Different modes: On some scales, you can set other characteristics of your body. For example, you put yourself in athlete or child mode. The scale will consider this helpful when measuring BMI or similar functions. You can switch other scales to kitchen scale mode and use them when weighing food. The minimum weighted value is then around 100 g.
  • Indicators: When weighing, you will be alerted to various situations and measured values using coloured indicators.
  • Internal memory: More expensive scales have their memory for multiple weighing persons. You save your physical parameters, weight and other data under your profile. You only select your profile when considering, and the measured data will be kept directly. Some scales even recognise the user themselves. Memory for 3 to 10 members is usually available.
  • Anti-slip feet: They serve mainly for safe standing on the surface but often also help to measure more precisely in the case of small irregularities.