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When writing the review (June 2023), the Lexent portable air conditioner was one of the most powerful models in our comparison. Therefore, if you are looking for a model for larger spaces, this one could come in handy (the manufacturer recommends it for approx. 80 – 100 m2). The dehumidification performance of 28 l/day is well above average. As for the cooling performance probably won’t surprise anyone that it also ranks among the best values in our comparison. The standard at the time of writing the review was 2 kW; this air conditioner has a capacity of 3.5 kW. Unfortunately, with higher performance comes higher consumption. The noise level is slightly above the average at 65 dB (the standard was 63 dB).

Parameter Lexent 12,000 BTU 5-in-1
Manufacturer Lexent
Maximum recommended space area (m3) 400 m
Cooling capacity (BTU) 12,000 BTU
Cooling capacity (kW) 3.5 kW
Efficiency rating A
Dehumidification capacity  2-3 l/h
Number of speeds 3
Noise level 65 dB(A)
Ventilation/Exhaust required Yes – window kit included
Energy consumption n/a kWh
Available temperature setting range 15°C – 30°C
Timer range 1 – 24 h

Equipment and features

Portable air conditioners are not necessarily appliances with dozens of functions but should have at least a few basic ones. The good news is that the Lexent air conditioner has all the common and less common features that we focused on in our review. It does not lack a display, remote control or timer function to make it easier for you to control. At the same time, it is a model that also features heating and self-evaporation of condensate, making it a significantly more variable device than air conditioners that only offer a cooling function. WiFi connection is present. Air conditioners are usually very similar in terms of dimensions, and this one will not particularly surprise you. You can see the specific numbers in the table below.

lexent portable air conditioner review

Dimensions Orkan 9,000 BTU 3-in-1
Length 44 cm
Width  33.5 cm
High 71 cm
Weight 32 kg

Pros and Cons

Portable air conditioner Lexent belongs to the most efficient air conditioners. It needs something that even a demanding user would need. According to the user’s review, we only found a minor flaw in the noise of the air conditioner. Compared to the stated 45 dB, up to 65 dB was measured. But these are the values of all portable air conditioners.


We did not encounter many negatives when evaluating the Lexent portable air conditioner, perhaps only increased consumption and slightly above-average noise. However, the positives greatly outweigh the disadvantages in the form of strong cooling and dehumidification performance, high airflow and excellent equipment. In addition to the standard elements, you will find the function of heating and self-evaporation of condensate.

If you don’t want to invest too much money in a portable air conditioner, try the Orkan 3-in-1, which does not offer a heating function but is £80 cheaper, and the performance is quite similar.

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