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Have you ever been caught in a rainstorm with a mountain of laundry waiting to be dried? Enter the Lakeland Heated Clothes Airer, a game-changer for household chores. In this review, we’ll delve into how this nifty gadget can revolutionise your laundry routine.

Key Features and Benefits

Lightweight and Flexible: Weighing only 6.8 kg, this airer is a breeze to manoeuvre around the house. Its flexibility is remarkable – you can use it either fully extended or folded for smaller spaces, accommodating up to 15kg of laundry.

Space-Efficient Design: Living in a compact space? No worries! The airer folds down to a mere 8cm, perfect for tucking away in understairs cupboards or behind doors. With 21m of drying space, it’s like having a full-size clothesline indoors.

Material and Durability: Crafted from aluminium, the airer is not only light but also robust. The silver finish adds a sleek touch to its appearance.

Special Features: Its design is both flexible and lightweight, making it an essential item in any household.

Warranty and Trust: Purchased from Lakeland, this airer comes with a remarkable 3-year return policy, ensuring peace of mind with your investment.

Real-Life Applications

Imagine this: It’s a gloomy, wet day, and your laundry basket is overflowing. With the Lakeland Airer, you unfold it in seconds, hang your clothes, and let the gentle heat do its magic. Delicates that need extra care? No problem. The airer is gentle enough to handle them with ease. Once done, it folds away discreetly, freeing up your space again.


The Lakeland Heated Clothes Airer is more than just a drying rack; it’s a convenient, space-saving solution for any home. Its lightweight design, coupled with a generous drying space, makes it ideal for both small and large laundry tasks. The added assurance of a 3-year return policy makes it a risk-free purchase. Highly recommended for those looking to simplify their laundry routine!


Bullet Points:


Weight and Flexibility: 6.8 kg, easily foldable for storage.

Drying Space: Offers 21m of drying space, holds up to 15kg of laundry.

Material: Made from durable and lightweight aluminium.

Design: Space-efficient, folds to 8cm wide for easy storage.

Warranty: 3-year return policy when purchased from Lakeland.


ParameterLakeland Heated Clothes Airer
Drying Space21m
Hold Capacity15kg
MaterialLightweight aluminium
DesignSpace-efficient, folds to 8cm

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