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Ecowitt Weather Station

The Ecowitt WS2910 weather station is an all-in-one device with a wireless 7-in-1 sensor and LCD console. It accurately collects and transmits weather data to the console, which can be viewed directly or via the app. It’s easy to install and has a wireless range of up to 100 meters. The console displays time, date, and weather metrics and can upload data to internet-based weather services. The station also allows you to set alarms for various weather conditions. Stay informed and prepared with the Ecowitt WS2910 weather station.

Expert and user review

Most users are satisfied with the Ecowitt Pro WS2910 weather station. They praise the readable display, the ability to transfer data to a computer, and the device’s price as reasonable quality. The only complication for some users was the Wi-Fi connection, which needed to be fixed to set up.
FeaturesEcowit WS2910
PowerSolar powered, 3 AAA batteries
Display typeLCD display
Wind vaneYes
Wind speed cupsYes
UV/solar radiation sensorYes
Thermo-hygrometer sensorYes
Rain gaugeYes
Bubble levelYes
Solar collectorYes
Weather alertsYes
Wi-Fi capableYes

Pros of the Ecowitt Weather Station WS2910

  1. Multifunctional Weather Station: The Ecowitt WS2910 offers a wide range of weather monitoring capabilities, including temperature, humidity, air pressure, rainfall, wind speed and direction, UV index, solar radiation, moon phase, and weather forecast, making it a comprehensive weather monitoring solution for home use.
  2. Wireless 7-in-1 Outdoor Sensor: The weather station has a 7-in-1 outdoor sensor that collects data on various weather parameters. This sensor can be powered by 2 AA batteries and solar energy, providing flexibility in power source options and reducing the need for frequent battery replacements.
  3. Easy Installation: Setting up the WS2910 is hassle-free, with wireless transmission capabilities allowing a range of up to 100 meters. This simplifies the installation process and ensures that you can position the outdoor sensor in an optimal location.
  4. Colour LCD Display Console: The colour LCD console provides a clear and visually appealing display of weather data, including various measurements, time, date, and weather icons. It also offers three alternative backlight options for visibility in different lighting conditions.
  5. Data Upload to the Internet: The WS2910 supports the uploading of weather data to various internet-based weather services, such as Ecowitt Weather, Weather Underground, Weather Cloud, and more. This feature allows users to share and access their weather data from anywhere, enhancing the usefulness of the weather station.
  6. Weather Alerts: Users can set customisable high and low alarms for various weather parameters, ensuring they are notified of significant changes or extreme conditions. The backup power source ensures that data recording continues even during power outages.

Cons of the Ecowitt Weather Station WS2910

  1. Initial Setup Complexity: Configuring the Wi-Fi connection to enable data upload to internet-based weather services may require technical know-how. Users who need to become more familiar with network setup may find this process challenging.
  2. Additional Power Source Required: While the outdoor sensor can be powered by solar energy, the indoor console requires either three AAA batteries (not included) or a DC power adapter. Users must ensure they have the necessary power source and replacements for uninterrupted operation.
  3. Limited Battery Life: The need for batteries in both the outdoor sensor and the console can lead to ongoing maintenance costs and the inconvenience of battery replacement. Solar power for the outdoor sensor helps extend battery life but does not eliminate the need for batteries.
  4. Data Privacy Concerns: Users should be cautious when connecting the weather station to the internet, as it involves sharing personal weather data with external services. This may raise privacy concerns for some individuals.
  5. Dependence on Internet Connectivity: Users need a stable Wi-Fi connection to fully utilize the Internet data upload feature and access remote weather data. Interruptions in internet connectivity may affect data sharing and remote access capabilities.
  6. Price Point: The WS2910, with its advanced features and capabilities, may be relatively more expensive compared to simpler weather stations, which could deter budget-conscious consumers.




We recommend the weather station to everyone who wants a detailed overview of outdoor conditions, appreciates the Wi-Fi connection and many other functions and does not mind paying extra. According to some users, the mentioned more complicated connection to Wi-Fi is a slight disadvantage.