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Makita HR3210C SDS Plus



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The Makita hammer drill is one of the most powerful pieces that extremely demanding clients and experts may reach for without the fear of being overpowered. Compared to other hammers, it has an impact force of 5 J (the norm for experts is 6 J). At the same time, it has fewer revolutions, making it appropriate for drilling into the toughest materials. To agitate them requires what’s known as “brute force,” which is disguised as a powerful impact.

Drilling and function ratings

If you do decide to drill into anything softer, having control over the drill’s speed and impact will be very helpful. Thanks to this feature and the excellent SDS-Plus chuck mechanism, the hammer is beneficial for various applications. An anti-vibration system, which dampens vibrations flowing to the arms, guarantees comfort while working, although not all hammers have adequately insulated handles. The hammer comes with an extra handle and a handy case that can be used to keep it secure when not in use.

FeaturesMakita HR2630T
Power850 W
Voltage110 V
Weight4.9 kg
No load speed630 rpm
Power sourceCorded
Type of power toolsHammer drill, Rotary hammer
Impact force5.0 joule
Max in concrete (TCT bit)32 mm
Vibration K factor1.5 m/sec²
Noise K factor3 dB (A)

Expert Review and Users Review

A significant advantage of the Makita HR3210C hammer is the choice of three modes. So you can drill and chisel with a hammer. Most multifunctional products are poorly made; Makita easily surpasses its competitors. A piece of excellent essential equipment is also worth mentioning. Unfortunately, the price is higher than the competition.

The hammer would undoubtedly work even better if it had a better anti-vibration system. The handle is ergonomic and soft, but the vibration damping is insufficient during extended drilling.


Experience the ultimate drilling performance with the Makita HR3210C rotary hammer. Designed with exceptional properties, this tool effortlessly drills through even the toughest materials. Experience the power of precision with our top-of-the-line hammer drill. Designed with professionals in mind, its superior impact and unparalleled workmanship make it the perfect tool for any job. Experience the power of the Bosch GBH 5-40 DCE SDS Max for a rotary hammer that surpasses all others.