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Makita DHP485 18V LXT




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The Makita DHP485 cordless drill has a Li-Ion battery, which is the most modern model. Its voltage is 18 V, and the larger this number is, the more power the drill has. Believe that 18 V is absolutely sufficient. The battery will charge for 60 minutes and its capacity is 5 ah, this is the lower limit you should require, it is quite normal. For a drill, its size and weight are also important. Count on a weight of about 1.7 kg, which is slightly higher than usual for our drills, but it should still be comfortable to work with.

Basic characteristics

If you are also interested in other parameters of the drill, its capabilities, better said, it is only good. We have several parameters for you that we evaluated for our drills. The first of them is, for example, reverse or hammer. Both Makita HP485 18V LXT drills have.

As for the maximum diameter of drilling into wood, the drill can handle up to a 38 mm hole. This is a decent value. The maximum diameter of drilling into steel is then around 13 mm. We consider this to be an average value. The chuck rate is then identical, and it is 13 mm – the higher this number, the larger the drill can be put in the drill. For comparison – no drills in our comparison have a higher value. Finally, we have torque. This one has a 50 Nm drill. The latter generally expresses the power of the drill. This value is above average compared to other reviewed models.

FeaturesMakita DHP485 18V LXT
Chuck13 mm
No load speed0 – 1,900 rpm
Blow per minute (Hi)0 -28,500 imp
Voltage18.0 V
Number of speeds2 speeds
Battery technologyLi-ion
Wood drilling capacity38.0 mm
Metal drilling capacity13.0 mm
Torque50 Nm

Expert Review

A few dozen long-term and short-term users have experience with this drill. Most agree that the drill is solid and reliable; its battery lasts long and gets charged quickly. They also confirm that it holds up well and is not too heavy. A few users agreed that it is not very good at drilling into concrete. In this case, it gets stuck.


The Makita DHP485 18V LXT drill offers parameters you can rely on. Based on our comparison test or user reviews, it can be judged that the drill is just the right size, not too heavy, has sufficient battery capacity, and it also charges quickly. The drill has a strong performance; it only has problems when it has to drill into concrete. If you require higher torque, read the DeWALT DCD996P3 cordless drill review.