AEG 8000 Series Washing Machine




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Like most newer washing machines, this one is equipped with a classic motor, which is more efficient and economical than the older version. This is probably also why the washing machine reached the best energy class A. Its drum capacity is 9 kg, making it one of the more voluminous washing machines on the market, and we can recommend it even for large households.

However, it is disappointing that even in a relatively high price category, the washing machine still only has a standard class B spin efficiency and an average noise level, with which it is again classified as a class B. In others, such as washing and rinsing efficiency, it is also standard, but it’s not surprising. All modern washing machines manage these activities more or less equally.


ParameterAEG 8000 Series
Capacity9 Kilograms
Annual Energy Consumption49 kWh
Maximum Rotational Speed1400 RPM
Noise level72 dB
Installation typeFreestanding
Access LocationFront Load
Voltage240 Volts
Wattage2100 Watts

Features and Equipment

Investing in high-quality equipment is well worth the cost; this washing machine is no exception. With an impressive selection of 21 washing programs, it surpasses the competition in variety. It offers advanced features such as a fast wash option in just one hour at 30°C, steam programs for refreshing and disinfecting laundry and adding laundry mid-cycle and automatic detergent dosing. The machine connects with the My AEG Care app, allowing remote program customisation, cycle recommendations, and laundry readiness notifications. While these luxurious features are not commonly found, they make washing more efficient and prevent detergent waste.

Furthermore, the ProSense+ function automatically adjusts energy usage and settings based on the weight of the laundry load, resulting in customised laundry cycles that reduce energy, time, and water usage by up to 40% when washing smaller loads. These elements can be found in even the cheapest models while also featuring essential functions such as a display, a delayed start option, a child safety lock, and automatic quantity control. Overall, this washing machine provides an exceptional laundry experience with its advanced and efficient features.

ParameterAEG 8000 Series
Auto doseYes
Child lockYes
Delay startYes – up to 24 hours
Delicate washYes
Digital displayYes
Hand washYes
Inverter motorNo
Overflow protectionYes
Quick washYes, 20 minutes
Smart washing machineYes
Wool programmeYes

Pros and Cons

The AEG washing machine has only one major disadvantage: the high price. We would also prefer more efficient spinning and lower noise in the given price category, but both stick to the standard values. On the other hand, the privilege is a very economical operation (energy class A) and a great set of functions, in which you will find, among other things, smart functions or, so far, relatively rare, automatic detergent dosing.


We can recommend the AEG LFR84946UC pre-loaded washing machine to demanding customers who put up with modern technology. In this respect, it stands out compared to the competition; in addition to choosing from more than 20 washing programs, you will also find smart functions or automatic detergent dosing. It also performs very well in the category of essential parameters, but if we consider its relatively high price, we might have expected a slightly better result. For example, the spin efficiency and noise level are only standard for this model. But we can praise the energy class A.

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