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The LG F6V909WTSA washing machine belonged to the classic front-loading models and was in a higher price category when writing the review (August 2023). In the bowels of this appliance, you will find an inverter Direct Drive motor attached directly to the drum of the washing machine. It promises higher efficiency and a longer lifespan, backed by a 10-year warranty. The 9 kg capacity goes hand in hand with the current trend of larger washing machines and is comfortable enough for a large family. Such a bulky drum is relatively unusual for a washing machine of slim dimensions. Usually, you will get a maximum capacity of 7 kg.

We have to praise the efficiency of this washing machine; it ranks in the best energy class A, where only a few rated models fell when writing the review. Its water consumption is not high either, so the total cost of one washing cycle is below £0.20p, i.e. slightly below average.

If we look at its efficiency, it washes and rinses as efficiently as most models on the market (washing machines usually do not differ drastically in these respects). It spins with class B efficiency, which includes most washing machines on the market, but we would appreciate the best class A for more expensive models. On the other hand, the washing machine won for its noise; it emits 73 dB during spinning, which is one of the lower values on the market.

Features and Equipment

Investing in a higher-priced washing machine can offer a range of advanced features and equipment. The LG washing machine is no exception. While it comes equipped with standard features such as a display, timer, and child lock, it also includes quantity automation and a sound signal to alert you when the program ends. But the LG washing machine takes things a step further with AI DD technology that analyses the substances in the drum and selects the best drum movements for effective dirt removal. The laundry shower function helps detergent penetrate more evenly into fabric fibres.

In addition to classic wash programs, this model includes increasingly popular steam programs for disinfecting and refreshing laundry. You can even add laundry during washing and control the machine remotely with smart functions. The machine also offers easy maintenance with a special drum cleaning program. While it lacks automatic dosing of washing powder, this feature is yet to be shared among competing models. Overall, the LG washing machine offers advanced features and technology, making it a worthwhile investment for those seeking a premium washing experience.

Parameter LG V9 F6V909WTSA
Auto dose Yes
Child lock Yes
Delay start Yes – up to 19 hours
Delicate wash Yes
Digital display Yes
Hand wash Yes
Inverter motor Yes
Overflow protection Yes
Quick wash Yes, 14 minutes for 2kg
Smart washing machine Yes
Wool programme Yes

Pros and Cons

The LG washing machine has various advantages that should be considered, but it’s important to note that the price may be a barrier for some consumers. While the class B spin efficiency may not meet everyone’s expectations, it’s a common feature in washing machines. Users have expressed concerns regarding the reliability of the child lock. On the positive side, this model boasts low consumption, low noise, and a Direct Drive motor. It also offers impressive functions and technologies, such as steam programs, smart functions, AI DD technology, and laundry showering. Its slim design and relatively large capacity make it a desirable option.


The LG F6V909WTSA washing machine is a demanding model. Users will undoubtedly be impressed by the excellent equipment, in which you will find steam and smart functions, AI DD technology or washing laundry. It does not lag in important parameters either; thanks to its low consumption, it belongs to the best energy class A and belongs to the quieter models. It spins with class B efficiency, which is a good result but could be better in this price category. It is a slim model in terms of dimensions, but it offers a decent capacity of 8.5 kg.

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